Good & Bad News on the Energy-Water Front

river and plant1

Energy’s “increasingly voracious” water demands have been in the spotlight again this week. National Geographic reported on an analysis from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which notes that “By far the largest strain on future water resources from the energy system, according to IEA’s forecast, would be due to two Continue reading

Oil Shale Mythology

Kivoli Plant in Estonia

At the Colorado School of Mines annual oil shale confab in mid-October, geologists and industry executives from around the world gathered to hear the latest updates on the state of development technologies. They cheered claims that “it’s different this time,” though they did not provide any basis for such claims. Continue reading

Modernizing Our Western Electric Grid


Our western electric grid is large, old and in dire need of an upgrade to avoid catastrophic power outages. The grid is a web of wires strung on towers that delivers electricity from power plants to our towns, cities and industries.   As we plan and build our modern grid, a Continue reading