Which will be impacted by climate change: elfin forests, wildflowers, sage grouse, polar bears or children?

The correct answer is – all of the above.  Two very important sources for climate change education and data were published this week.  The Climate Data Initiative, launched by the White House on Wednesday, provides easy access to massive amounts of data on predicted impacts, rises in sea level, storm Continue reading

The Climate Treaty Emission Targets: Commitments and Results

Today’s ECO touches on the posturing and positioning continuing today at the UN Climate Conference in Poland around pledges for targets for emission reductions.  Although reports like those provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations Environment Programme, and several nongovernmental organizations show how reaching appropriate targets Continue reading

From Madness to Solutions

Today is day three of the UN Climate Conference.  Yesterday I acknowledged the desperation expressed by the Philippine negotiator when he referred to the global inaction on climate change solutions as “madness”.    Today’s ECO includes information about the large role being played there by the fossil fuel industries helping to Continue reading