Meet Our Experts

Drew Beckwith

Water Policy Manager
Expertise: water policy, water utilities

Drew Beckwith


Laura Belanger
Water Resources & Environmental Engineer
Expertise: water resources, environmental engineering

Drew Beckwith

Gwen Farnsworth
Senior Energy Policy Advisor
Expertise: energy efficiency, marketing, design

Gwen Farnsworth


Jorge Figueroa
Water Policy Analyst
Expertise: climate change, wildlife, management

Gary Graham


Gary Graham
Lands Program Director
Expertise: climate change, endangered species, land use

Gary Graham


Robert Harris
Staff Attorney
Expertise: federal permitting, water law

Rob Harris


Bart Miller
Water Program Director
Expertise: water flow, conservation, efficiency, endangered species

BartMiller07 (969K)

Amelia Nuding
Water/Energy Analyst
Expertise: water and energy conservation, water supply, GIS

Amelia Nuding

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