Taylor Bittenbender

About Taylor Bittenbender

Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, I am currently an environmental studies major at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Protecting the environment is my passion. The best thing about studying the environment is learning how everyone is connected through it.

Save Water. Drink Eggnog.

Make your holiday season green without sending your bank account into the red. It’s beginning to be that wonderful time of year again. The crisp air brushes against your face, bright lights twinkle in the trees, and of course utility prices skyrocket. Use these simple conservation tips to lower utility Continue reading

Wildlife at the U.S. Oil Sands Mine in PR Spring, Utah (MAP & PHOTOS)


Though the site for the first ever tar sands mine in the United States is not designated as any sort of wildlife reserve, many beloved species of animals like the elk, kit fox and American Bald Eagle are known to cross through the area. See a complete list of animals Continue reading

Lake Powell Pipeline: Just a Billion Dollar Waterslide?


Western Resource Advocates Water and Energy Analyst, Amelia Nuding, was featured in the Deseret News on October 24, 2012, for her Op-ed piece about the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline. Nuding argues to not spend the $1.2 billion on the new pipeline. She instead advocates for a new water conservation program for Continue reading