About Us

Western Views is the official blog of Western Resource Advocates. Founded in 1989, Western Resource Advocates (WRA) is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting the West’s land, air, and water. With offices in seven states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and Idaho), we have developed strategic programs focusing in three areas: Water, Energy, and Lands. Each of our programs is committed to curtailing climate change.

Our Mission

Western Resource Advocates’ mission is to protect the West’s land, air, and water. Our   team of scientists, economists, policy experts and attorneys: 1) advance clean energy to reduce pollution and global climate change; 2) promote urban water conservation and river restoration; and 3) defend special public lands from energy development. We collaborate with other conservation groups, hunters and fishermen, ranchers and others to ensure a sustainable future for the West.

Overarching Goals

  • Reduce air and water pollution and harmful climate change.
  • Protect habitat for threatened, endangered, and sensitive plant and animal species.
  • Protect terrestrial, aquatic, and riparian ecosystems.
  • Maintain the integrity of public lands.
  • Achieve environmentally sustainable management of energy, land, and water resources.

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