The Climate Treaty Negotiations: Repeatedly Repeating the Repeatable

Stalemate comes in many colors, from the conservatives in Congress just saying no to anything that would show progress for the Administration to several major parties at the UN Climate Conference repeatedly saying it is important to keep global temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 F) but not giving firm commitments to achieve that.  With only two days left for the 2014 Conference, progress toward even a timeline for presenting a pathway to that 2 degree goal is looking further and further away.

Today, however, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission reviewed the staff proposal to reduce hydrocarbons (including volatile organic compounds and methane) from oil and gas production by at least 95%.  They then decided to host a formal hearing on these potential rules in mid-February, 2014.  There was a surprising general level of support for the emission reduction rules from the oil and gas industry people, and some public interest groups felt strongly that the rules did not go far enough.

But clearly, substantial progress is being made toward real reductions in methane emission in the state. This is in contrast to the Warsaw climate meetings.  It is worth repeating what I’ve stated before: that the state of Colorado can serve as a model for sensible rules to reduce carbon pollution.  I hope by the end of the UN meetings that we can say sensible heads got together to agree to do something substantial for our earth  - other than repeat what they have said before.

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