WaterSense Rating Helps Consumers Reduce Water Footprint

faucetReducing household water use has never been so easy. WaterSense is a water efficiency rating system created by the EPA to promote water smart appliances in the home and workplace. Similar to the EnergyStar rating for electronics, the WaterSense label helps consumers choose products that not only perform well, but use at least 20 percent less water than the standard for that category.

By identifying appliances which use less water, the WaterSense rating makes it easy for consumers to make smart purchasing decisions. WaterSense consumers not only improve their communities’ water sustainability, but they also save money on their own water bills.

In addition to indoor appliances, the WaterSense rating applies to irrigation systems, which often account for over 50 percent of household water use in the West. The program also helps consumers select plants and landscape choices that use less water, and gives tips on maintaining xeriscaping.

According to the EPA, “Since the program’s inception in 2006, WaterSense has helped consumers save a cumulative 487 billion gallons of water and over $8.9 billion in water and energy bills.” Colorado has been one of the largest participants, with over 40 WaterSense partners in the state.

Most importantly, WaterSense is a step toward reducing our climate change-causing emissions. Water and energy usage are linked, and the less water we use in our homes, the fewer greenhouse gases we emit. Since 2006, the WaterSense program has reduced cumulative greenhouse gas emissions by 24 million metric tons, the equivalent of planting over 600 million trees, according to the WaterSense website.

Beyond appliances, a WaterSense rating can even be applied to an entire home. Over 200 homes in the US have been certified, meaning typical annual water savings of 50,000 gallons, as well as lower bills.

The next time you plan to purchase a new appliance, check for the WaterSense label. By making smart purchasing choices for your home or business, water conservation can be easy and cost-effective.

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