Lake Powell Pipeline: Just a Billion Dollar Waterslide?

Western Resource Advocates Water and Energy Analyst, Amelia Nuding, was featured in the Deseret News on October 24, 2012, for her Op-ed piece about the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline. Nuding argues to not spend the $1.2 billion on the new pipeline. She instead advocates for a new water conservation program for Washington County and other areas that would receive the water from the pipeline. View her article at

— Pipeline would be paid for through 15 percent of the future growth in State sales tax revenue
— Tax payer dollars could be used for other critical needs, like education, instead of the pipeline
— State Projected Population growth for Washington County by 2060 has dropped sharply

  • Original Estimate: 860,400
  • Revised Estimate: 498,200 (about 42% less)

$1.2-2 Billion of tax payer money
— Conservation Problem: Washington County uses more water per capita than Las Vegas!
Washington County only needs to conserve 1% of water per year to meet projected needs (a common practice of water providers in the West)

Taylor Bittenbender

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Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, I am currently an environmental studies major at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Protecting the environment is my passion. The best thing about studying the environment is learning how everyone is connected through it.

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